Youths Unmasked: An Art Experiential Workshop @ Art Agenda

In conjunction with the Singapore Arts Week, this hands-on workshop was designed and conducted for children and adolescents and held in an art gallery to tie in with the theme of the exhibition, “We’re Young Once!”. Ten kids and their parents joined in the art-making session on a lovely Saturday morning. 

Through the process of using vibrant colours, materials, and textures, kids embark on a journey of self-discovery and explored who they were and the person they hoped to be. They were eager to use art to show their feelings and strengths, and uncover who they are! By the end of the session, not only were they completely immersed in the fun of art-making and knowledge about their own strengths, friendships were also forged. After the session, I had the opportunity to dialogue with parents who expressed concern about the mental well-being of their kids and were keen to learn ways to support their kids.