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We are glad you found your way here. At Sage Cocoon, we provide psychological assessments and psychotherapy for children, youths, and their families. We specialise in the assessments and interventions for individuals with mood issues such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar. When working with children and youths, we support parents by equipping them with parenting strategies.

Our appointments for adults are limited. Please contact us to enquire.


To be a safe and nurturing space that fosters positive outcomes in the mental-behavioural-physical health & well-being to young people.


To provide psychological services that integrate evidence-based science and multicultural expertise in the context of client culture, characteristics, and preference. Our professional conduct is guided by the Singapore Psychological Society code of ethics and the American Psychological Association's ethical principles and code of conduct. At Sage Cocoon, we seek to promote the values of compassion, inclusivity, cultural sensitivity and neuro-diversity.

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Welcome Message from Belinda

The world around us has changed so much and in a post-pandemic world, many of us often find ourselves struggling to make sense of life and wondering how we can manage our own mental health and well-being. Young people are burdened under the weight of unaddressed mental health issues, relationships issues, and life stressors. I believe we all have the potential to engage and make positive changes – sometimes we just need a listening ear and a little help.

I founded Sage Cocoon to do just that: To help children and youths navigate the challenges in our environment and harness our inner psychological resources to thrive. In psychotherapy, I journey collaboratively with parents and children/youths to explore solutions and tap into strengths, so that your child feels supported and empowered.

Thank you for being here. 

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The long-term benefits of therapy

Experience a safe space to discuss your mental health struggles

Understand the source of your emotional difficulty

Improve your emotional and psychological symptoms

Learn ways to communicate more effectively with your loved ones

learning to calm anxiety
child trauma
rising above depression
navigating gender identity
teenage depression
rediscovering self after trauma

Clients' Testimonials